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This course is designed to help you introduce you to concepts of the Five-Fold Ministry Gifts. In most areas of the world the Church is losing ground every day in the marketplace, the First-Century mission field and now the 21st Century battlefield.  Islam, socialism, secular humanism and other non-Christian religions are winning because the Church is confused, misinformed, or uninformed about who should function where based on their spiritual gifting.

Dr. Dave Robinson in this course predicts a new reformation that will take place when the Church’s ministry moves to the marketplace. Dave challenges the historical church paradigm as he asks you to consider that every member is a minister, and has a five-fold ministry gift to empower them to “make disciples” of all nations. Dave’s book inspires all Christians that their faith is relevant when they take Jesus to work and allow the Holy Spirit to empower them with their gifts and anointing’s.

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